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No matter what age or where you are, sleep dentistry may be the way to go.

In a dental practice in Denver, USA, one dentist refers to patients who have neglected their smile for years and had developed periodontal (gum) disease.  This dentist, Dr Charles S Bartoz has found that fear of dentistry nor even pain were the major obstacles to seeking treatment earlier but that self esteem and embarrassment had allowed the deterioration of his patients oral hygiene. He refers to a number of elderly patients whose smiles he has restored and the confidence they have gained after having undergone their major treatments with sleep dentistry allowing the completion of works to be done in a fraction of the time other methods or practitioners may have taken.  

Don’t let embarrassment or other ill founded notions stop or delay you from living a happy and healthy life.  Come and see our team at Paladin Dental to find out what options and alternatives exist that can help you express your joy and how you want to live your life. 

Denver Post 16 Jun 2023

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