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The credo of Northcote's Dental Care team...

Paladin, a legendary holy knight and healer, crusading in the name of good and order. That's the virtue of Paladin Dental, to serve and protect, and to heal.

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Dental Excellence is Our Aim

Our Story

At Paladin Dental, we are renowned for our comprehensive new patient experience. You will receive a twenty point oral health check that clearly identify the health status of your mouth, a series of detailed photographs showing the status of all your teeth and an extensive consultation with one of our dentist and hygienist to create a personalised plan for you to get your dream smile in a sustainable way.All this because we are committed to providing the best dental care possible. Last but not least, you can expect a comfortable and painfree clean that you could ever hope to experience. We will then arm you with all the knowledge, tips and tricks to help you create a manageable and sustainable self care routine that will drastically reduce your future dental bill. If this is interesting to you, leave your details below and our friendly team will contact you to arrange an appointment to get you on the path to dental nirvana.

Our Values

Our values define how we achieve your dental outcomes


Dental solutions for your presentation, happiness & budget

Everyone is unique and different.  Everyone has their challenges and limitation.  At Paladin Dental, we respect you as a unique individual and will do everything we can to design a unique solution that suits your needs.


Your satisfaction rewards us all with a healthy smile

At Paladin dental our team is not just about fixing and repairing teeth.  Our goal is to educate and transform your understanding of oral health.  We are here to create a sustainable, healthy and happy smile for each and every person behind the smile; as individuals.  Not gums with teeth attached and not just whilst in our clinic.  We’ll provide you with the tools and knowledge that will help you maintain and care for your dental health for a long and lasting future.    

Caring Service

Our dental team strive to achieve your outcomes in comfort

Dental services are considered by many to be one of the most uncomfortable health services.  Should we mention a movie called The Marathon Man? This why we will go the extra mile to create the absolutely pain-less, stress free, easy to manage treatment protocols that even the most phobic clients can enjoy.


World's best practice for the best dental practice in Northcote

We are committed to provide the highest quality dentistry that is at the forefront of technology.  We take a holistic approach to create the best outcome that can so that you are enabled to  live your life to the fullest, and be the best you can be. Our investment in people,  technology,  knowledge, skills and experience is extensive and ongoing because we are devoted to our clients and the highest standards of dentistry attainable.  

To be the top dental clinic in Northcote needs the best practitioners together with leading systems and technologies

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Dr Greg HSIAO – Dentist

LIKES:  Spending time with the family whether it be at home, travelling or going out.  Food of all types of cuisines.  (and yes, I do enjoy sweets but I also floss and brush regularly!)

HOBBIES: Theatre, snow skiing, aikido

HIS PASSION FOR DENTISTRY:  Dr Greg’s desire is to maximise the oral health of as many people as possible whether or not they are part of the Paladin family.  This is why he is keen to get good quality information out there to as many people as possible to help them care for their teeth and gums.  He knows that he can’t treat everybody but the team at Paladin can try to maximize dental care and share good quality oral hygiene knowledge to as many people as they can! 


Dr Juliana PATINO –  Dentist

LIKES: Art and nature

HOBBIES:  Spending time with her family, going for bike rides together

MY PASSION FOR DENTISTRY: The thing I love about dentistry is that it is a kind of art and science and that I am able to help people smile.  I particularly love to help children and ensuring that they get the bet chances to have strong healthy teeth into their long term futures.  Being a mum makes her even more acutely aware of the fact that good dental hygiene and care from an early age will lead to immense benefits and pay offs in later years. 


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Dara  FOSTER –  Dental Hygienist

LIKES :  Spending time with family, traveling, renovating our old home and cooking

HOBBIES: Walking, cooking, watching my boys play basketball

MY PASSION FOR DENTISTRY: Helping with improving the health of people, I love interaction with patients and always knew I’d be doing something with health. To have the opportunity to share knowledge and help our clients get the optimal outcomes for their oral health is awesome.  Who says that vernacular is restricted to our kids?

 Dr  HEDWIG –  He/She/It We are super-excited to introduce “Dr Hedwig”.  Paladin Dental was born from a big pot of knowledge and wisdom with contributions from several doctors over the last twenty plus years.  So we are using our beloved snowy white owl – “Hedwig” to represent the collective knOWLedge of Paladin Dental.  The White Owl is the guardian of the Paladins, that watches and protect over the knights.  🦉 So here is Dr Hedwig!  Dr Hedwig has answers to common questions about oral health and dentistry. He will be passing on his dental wisdom regularly!  Look out for Dr Hedwig’s advice in our Articles section!  We trust you’ll find it a HOOT! Let us know what you think or might wish to know about anything to do with dentistry and we’ll be happy to respond with not just a glistening smile. 
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Benefit from holistic treatments and world's best practice in dentistry.

After more than 20 years of developing and practising individualised oral care,  I believe everyone can have a smile that brings out their best qualities not just in terms of appearance but the confidence and inner radiance that exudes when we feel whole.

Find out how the best dental treatments often mean fewer visits to the dentist

Why personalise dental care?  Because over the years, I’ve come to realise that everyone has a different expectation and desire, so to put a “textbook” solution into play often does not work.  Most people do not actually know that there are several different “ideal” smiles.  We need to consider the natural resemblance of the shape of teeth with the shape of a person’s facial profile, and at different ages the most natural looking teeth are different.  For example, putting the profile of an 18 year-old teeth into a sixty year old person would be a mismatch and would look out of place.  There are many times I would have the discussion with a client about “younger looking or mature looking” teeth when we are discussing smile design.  (Younger is not necessarily better)

With any new client, I would start with an extensive discussion about where you are and where you want to go with your oral health.  The condition of your mouth at present is the cumulative result of your lifestyle choices and behaviours since you were six years old.  Without identifying the behaviours, impacts and issues of causation, history would repeat itself.  Thus our efforts to repairing or reconstruct may not be as effective as they could be if we do not address the holistic needs of the client.

To identify the ultimate goal and the results our clients seek, we collaborate and develop staged plans that are cost effective with treatments that can be executed in the most logical order for comfort and cost. The planning process is by far the most important phase.   Imagine you are building a new house.  Wouldn’t you say that have a well-thought out building plan is absolutely crucial to building your dream home?  Why should building your dream smile be any different?

To be able to deliver these services, I’ve spent countless hours to learn, grow and develop my knowledge whilst refining my clinical skills over the last twenty years to be skilled in the provision of the treatment in the most calming, pain-free, stress-free and time efficient manner for my clients.  Do not mistake pride for arrogance but not having to rely on referring to other practitioners, reduces the chance of mis-communication or mis-understanding.  I have learnt very early in my career, that not all practitioners dealt with clients’ wishes in the same way.  I believe that my approach delivers more consistency and focus therefore leading to more optimised outcomes.  To this end, I have studied and mastered the skills for complex implant surgeries, full mouth rehabilitation, and extensive cosmetic dentistry options including cosmetic injectables/dermal fillers to the latest tissue regeneration techniques, clear aligner orthodontic treatment (Invisalign), extensive knowledge in the field of sleep apnoea / airway management and temporal mandibular dysfunction.  My goal is simply to give our clients the most comprehensive diagnosis and report possible so they can make an informed decision about what is the best treatment option that suits their financial situation.  We will help them achieve their oral hygiene and dental maintenance outcomes in the manner and timing that they fits with their personal agendas.  For the phobic which suffer from dental anxiety or physical/mental disability, the option of sleep dentistry is highly sought after and may be just the approach needed.  Sleep dentistry is also very popular with people who require complex surgery such as impacted wisdom teeth removal surgery.  Likewise our use of the most advanced technology in dental care allows us to implement the most the pleasant experience possible, in the shortest time with the best results.  This is the Paladin way.  If you feel that this may be what you are seeking please feel welcome to contact us for a consultation.

Juliana graduated in 2009 from University of Antioquia in Colombia, South America. She worked in both public and private settings including the Colombian Defence Forces, before moving to Australia.  Although having practiced in Columbia, Juliana needed to work as a dental nurse whilst she re-trained to become fully qualified to practice in Australia.  Her dedication to be a dentist is obvious as it took five years to satisfy Australian requirements. 

She performs a wide variety of general dental procedures and having been mentored by Dr Hsiao she picked up a special interest in restorative dentistry and oral surgery.  Together with her enthusiasm to care for children, Dr Patino also frequently attends continuing education courses to keep herself updated and abreast of the latest advances in dentistry.

Juliana se graduó en 2009 de la Universidad de Antioquia en Colombia, Sur América. Trabajo en los sectores público y privado, incluyendo el Ejército Nacional de Colombia, antes de mudarse a Australia.

Juliana es apasionada por la odontología y cree que la confianza y la comunicación son factores claves para obtener relaciones duraderas con sus pacientes. Para Juliana no solo es importante tratar las necesidades dentales de una persona sino también considerar su salud y  bienestar general ya que ambos se encuentran íntimamente relacionados.

Ella desempeña una amplia variedad de procedimientos de odontología general interesándose especialmente en odontología reconstructiva y cirugía oral, frecuentemente atiende cursos de educación continua para mantenerse actualizada en su profesión.

Juliana habla español e ingles, además de la odontología disfruta el tiempo con su familia y amigos y es una amante de la naturaleza. 

Dr Juliana PATINO BDS, ADC Cert

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What makes a good dentist great?

When evaluating a patient, Dr Hsiao believes that one has to be flexible and open minded as this will enable them effectively diagnose, plan and decipher what is happening and why.  Such an approach helps develop a means to understand what is going on and how it may be communicated effectively.  This philosophy follows through to his role as a lecturer at the Dental School in the University of Melbourne.  Besides giving back to the profession he loves so much, Dr Hsiao knows that teaching must go beyond the technical aspects of dentistry and that students need to incorporate a mindset that is fluid, ready to adapt, as it enables one to plan and seek out optimum client outcomes.  There is no absolute right nor wrong. A good great dentist must be capable and skilled in a variety of procedures and techniques so that they may approach a problem from all of it’s facets to determine what will give anyone who sits in a dental chair the best outcome.  For example, should one aim for absolute perfection when it may involve prolonged discomfort and not achieve a result that anyone will see or feel?  Dr Hsiao asks himself what would I want if I was in that chair? 

Dentistry should not be purely clinical nor confined to what the research or textbook says.  A great dental practitioner whether they are a dentist, dental hygienist or dental therapist, should constantly be seeking to develop and refine their skills and knowledge, to be able to relay and communicate to their client and build on a level of trust and confidence to facilitate the most suited technical and patient centric treatments available. 

Why not find out for yourself by giving the team a Paladin Dental a call?

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Dr Greg has been looking after my teeth for many years. He and his team have been amazing, as always. Everyone is caring, professional and attentive. They make sure my visits are comfortable, provide thorough check up and clean, explain everything about my dental health, what I need to watch out for and how to maintain best dental health. Advanced equipment, great skill and efficient treatments, I highly recommended Paladin Dental.
Jane Cheong
Having been a patient of Dr Greg's for many years now, I continue to be incredibly happy with the dental work I receive. Dr Greg is attentive & goes above & beyond to ensure I am comfortable & happy with any results. Dr Greg along with all the staff are incredibly warm & professional, making for a business that I am happy to continuing attending. I both highly & happily recommend this clinic.
Greg is courteous and professional in his explanation of my dental requirements. More than happy to recommend Paladin Dental
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