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Clear Aligners

Comfortable teeth aligners which won’t impact your daily routines.

With ClearCorrect you can discretely have your teeth straightened with minimal interference or interruption to your day to day activities.  Just consider these features

Imagine being able to eat, brush and floss as you normally would without anyone knowing that your teeth are being straightened!

More comfortable than braces and produced from extensive research and trials with multi layer medical grade plastic you could benefit from a transparent and resilient device custom made for your everlasting smile.

Produced by the Straumann Group, a dental company witth over 60 years in the industry.  Straumann have a global footprint and a stellar reputation for quality.  With ClearCorrect,  you’ll benefit from research and experience that has resulted in world class clear aligners.

What are the  Benefits Over  Dental Braces?

When someone (typically a child or teen) has developed teeth that are not well-aligned, causing over-crowding or erosion, dentists and orthodontists will typically prescribe braces in aims of re-directing the teeth and preventing issues, such as tooth decay and gum disease. As mentioned above, however, traditional braces prevent those wearing them from enjoying a lot of their favourite foods, provide long-lasting discomfort, and can feel highly self-conscious about their appearance.

Clear alingers seek to overcome these shortcomings, as a revolutionary introduction that provides the same re-alignment of your teeth, but in a more discreet and manageable fashion. Clear aligners are removable, more comfortable, and makes it easier to maintain normal oral hygiene, thanks to the clear, well-designed structure.

Clear aligners  Throughout Northcote, Brunswick, Fairfield & Thornbury

A clear, bright smile is a wonderful thing to be able to show the world. Unfortunately, beautiful smiles can often prove difficult to develop and maintain – but not impossible. At Paladin Dental, our team of specialist dentists strive to continually remain updated and familiar with the newest advancements in dental care methodologies and technology, enabling us to help you continue to look and feel your best by keeping oral health and hygiene at optimal levels.

One of these exciting advancements are clear aligners. Unlike traditional braces, which wearers often find to be painful, inhibiting, and unappealing, Clear aligners are structured to deliver the same benefits, but constructed as transparent, removable aligners in order to straighten your teeth.   To find out more about clear aligners and whether or not they may be applicable to your situation you should speak to your dentist.

To learn more about how these alternatives to wire braces may be of benefit contact our clinic in Northcote from which we service residents throughout Fairfield, Thornbury, Brunswick and beyond.   Contact us at Paladin Dental today by calling (03) 9482 9495. 

Which dental treatment device do you need?

Another alternative for you from Paladin Dental - Angel Aligners

Not all dental aligners are the same

This is why Paladin Dental are introducing another alternative to clear dental aligners.  We want to ensure that the solutions to your teeth alignment issues are aligned (forgive the pun!) to every individual’s needs and circumstances.

Which aligners hurt the most?

Usually clients feel most discomfort in the early stages of using the first few trays.   You can expect the discomfort to ease over a few days and as some aligners have different characteristics than others the team at Paladin will suggest products based on your own situation, so don’t be reluctant to ask questions or provide us with feedback.  Over the counter medications can provide some temporary relief in the meanwhile.  The pain should not be high and you should check immediately with your dentist if you are uncertain or anxious. 

What is the difference with Angel Aligners?

The basis of treatment, time taken to deliver desired results and costs are the main differences. Ultimately you choose which is the best solution rest assured that the Paladin Dental crew will strive to provide you with the best advice possible to so that you can make a well informed decision.

Discuss the Benefits of clear aligners with Our Team at Paladin Dental Today

Paladin Dental are overjoyed to be able to offer clear aligners throughout Northcote, Brunswick, Fairfield, Thornbury and beyond. To learn more or to book an appointment, contact us by calling (03) 9482 9495, sending an email to [email protected], or by completing our short online enquiry form today. We also offer a range of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, children’s dentistry and sleep dentistry, should you ever find the need.

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