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Are you looking for a general dentist who is gentle, friendly and highly skilled?  While it might not be everyone’s favourite way to spend their time, regular check-ins with your local dentist is the key to maintaining proper oral health and hygiene. At Paladin Dental, we deliver the perfect balance of a prompt, comfortable service for our clients, while offering a comprehensive range of general dentistry services in our Northcote clinic, servicing residents throughout Brunswick, Thornbury, Fairfield and surrounding areas.

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From teeth cleaning, to checking in on pre-existing conditions, we can make you aware of any issues we may see potentially developing, and provide you with effective solutions for ongoing optimal self-care (to minimise your time our dental chairs).

Teeth bite, chew, grind and slice. And like any other machinery that grinds and slices, parts wear out, bits chip off dints and cracks can lead to further damage.

Healthy teeth need more than just brushing and flossing. A complete dental check up every 6 to 12 months will maintain your oral health and prevent possible expensive treatments later on.


Can you keep your teeth for life?

Ideally you should be able to retain your natural teeth for your entire life – even if you live to be 94, like Frank Medina who According to Ripley’s Believe it or Not, is the “oldest man in the world with all his teeth who has never had a cavity.”

Our gentle dentists are supported with a dedicated team to support your complete dental hygiene needs

We will investigate and recommend treatments for issues as we assess your teeth, bite, chew, grind and slice. And like any other machinery that grinds and slices, parts wear out, bits chip off dints and cracks can lead to further damage.

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What to expect at your next dental checkup

The first thing a dentist will do is check the state of your teeth.   Between the ages of thirty to fifty, our teeth begin to wear down so tooth restoration is a vital service that every general dentist offers.

At Paladin Dental, the first thing our gentle dentists do, is to check to see if any repair work is needed. We do this by inserting small tools between your teeth that check for tooth damage – this process does not hurt! We may take X-rays from time to time to uncover underlying signs of damage of decay. If we discover you have gum disease, or your tooth is chipped or a root canal needs filling, we will explain the problem to you and recommend the best course of action. We are also trained to surgically remove wisdom teeth.

After the initial examination, we then remove any plaque build-up, and clean and polish your teeth. We also offer tooth whitening and porcelain fillings to brighten up your smile.

Other procedures we can do for you are dental fissure sealants to protect your teeth. However, if your teeth are already decayed or damaged, we can apply a dental crown to protect them further. If you have missing teeth, we can provide a replacement, one option may be a dental bridge.

Our dental services are customised for you and your lifestyle

A general dentist does much more than just tooth filling. We also care for the person as well as the teeth.

In the past, dentistry has had a reputation for being painful and scary. We understand that patients can be nervous so we provide sleep dentistry for those with a particular phobia of dentists.

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We also cater for people who are more vulnerable. Children and toddlers need check-ups as well as adults so we take special care to create a friendly environment for them to feel relaxed in.

Older people often have other major health issues such as cardio-respiratory diseases, hypertension and diabetes. At Paladin Dental, we ask the patient about any health issue they may have and what medication they are on. We then tailor our treatments to align with their established health regime.

Those with special needs also need a complete dental program. People with physical and mental impairments can experience bruxism (clenching teeth), involuntary muscle movements and difficulties in swallowing. They may also find it hard to understand instructions. We have much success in formulating a complete dental care programs for these patients.

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