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Smile brighter with Paladin Dental. Personalised dental care for a healthier, happier you.

Paladin Dental offers a range of services to keep your smile healthy and strong. Our team of experienced dentists provides high-quality, personalized care to make your visit as comfortable as possible. With Paladin Dental, you'll have something to smile about!

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General Dentistry

Can you keep your teeth for life? What can I do to ensure that my natural teeth last? What type of dental treatment do I need? Why should I undergo one dental procedure over another?


Preventive Dentistry

What some people be aware of is that poor oral hygiene can not only have deleterious impacts beyond teeth and gums. Studies have suggested some links to more severe diseases and conditions associated with the cardiovascular system and birth complications.


Cosmetic Dentistry

May include veneers or teeth whitening and can boost confidence and appearance. Don’t underestimate the impact a smile has own your life and those of others.


Restorative Dentistry

Addresses any conditions affected by disease to provide you with a healthy and fully functioning mouth. With the latest technologies we will endeavour to apply the most pain free treatments possible.

Paladin Dental's Mission

To constantly learn, educate and apply the most advanced skills, techniques and technologies in dental and oral care that will serve our clients and the wider community with the best outcomes possible.  We want you to have lasting well maintained oral hygiene with minimum fuss and a well managed routine in terms of care and cost.

To achieve these goals, our people are our highest priority.  That means our team, our clients, our suppliers – everyone we interact with, to provide dental services across Darebin it’s surrounding areas and even around the world from which we seek out the best techniques, technologies and materials available.

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We will deliver the dental care, including comprehensive services and education to enable lasting treatments.  We will share our knowledge to support your ongoing care and routines. We will endeavour to help you be the best version of you that we can provide for.  We want you to be happy, confident and healthy. This is why we enshrine our values in the name of Paladin and Hedwig.

All Your Dental Needs Conveniently Accessible in Northcote, Clifton Hill and surrounding suburbs

We aim for world's best practice in Northcote

Individually customised dental programs

Our objective is to help you keep all, if not of your natural teeth as possible to maintain that lasting smile that exudes confidence.  Our team of dental experts will customise a program of maintenance and treatment that is tailored to your needs with due consideration to your lifestyle and desired outcomes

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Dentistry with a deft touch for your comfort, ease and a beaming smile

Conveniently located in High Street, Northcote.

A short stroll from the Northcote Plaza Shopping Centre and just up the road from Clifton Hill, we are readily accessible with plenty of street parking between Arthurton Road and Mitchell Street if you can’t find a bay right out front or you can catch a train or tram to come and visit us at our new and modern clinic.

How do you choose the right dentist?

    • Checking the Google reviews and what others say may be a good barometer.
    • How do the the staff not just the dentist, make you feel? 
    • Do the dental staff actively listen to you and provide you with choices? 
    • Is the care and attentiveness evident within the dentist’s environment? 
    • Is ongoing learning and sharing of knowledge part of the ethos of the clinic?
    • Do the dental practitioners have an awareness of the latest techniques?
    • Are the dental professionals skilled and gentle? Are they capable of delivering on these services to the extent that I will have comfort that I am in good hands?
    • Are their tools and instruments maintained and applied because they help deliver the best results? 
    • Is the atmosphere of the dental clinic positive and professional?
    • It should go without saying that the environment is clean!

No matter which dentist you choose there has to be trust.

After all, we’re talking about the health and well being of you and maybe your children and loved ones…

Looking for a gentle and caring family dentist?

Look no further than Paladin Dental! Our highly experienced and trained staff are here to provide the best dental care for your family. Visit us today and experience our helpful and positive atmosphere. Just north of Clifton Hill we’re conveniently located in High Street, Northcote between Arthurton Road and Westgarth Street.   

Don’t be self conscious about your smile. Make it a magnet.

Our gentle and experienced dentists will provide you with the most comfortable and relaxed experience possible.

Our Dentists

Dr Greg Hsiao highly respected Northcote dentist

Dr Greg Hsiao

Has a loyal following of clients who travel miles to see him. A consumate fountain of dental knowledge who is dedicated to learning and sharing his wisdom to ensure the best oral outcomes for as many as possible.

Fairfield's leading dental practitioner

Dr Juliana Patino

Who has trained overseas and travelled miles to be here. Although highly skilled in a range of treatments she loves to care for children's dental needs.

Dr Greg has been looking after my teeth for many years. He and his team have been amazing, as always. Everyone is caring, professional and attentive. They make sure my visits are comfortable, provide thorough check up and clean, explain everything about my dental health, what I need to watch out for and how to maintain best dental health. Advanced equipment, great skill and efficient treatments, I highly recommended Paladin Dental.

Jane Cheong

Having been a patient of Dr Greg’s for many years now, I continue to be incredibly happy with the dental work I receive. Dr Greg is attentive & goes above & beyond to ensure I am comfortable & happy with any results. Dr Greg along with all the staff are incredibly warm & professional, making for a business that I am happy to continuing attending. I both highly & happily recommend this clinic.


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