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Is Dr Hsiao always available for my dental needs?

If you don’t see Dr Hsiao in the dental clinic these days he may be off teaching final year dental students at the University of Melbourne.  Always generous and eager to show his gratitude for the profession that has given him so much, Dr Hsiao returns the favour not just in the academic, technical and scientific aspects of dental science but in terms of philosophy and the holistic treatment of patients. This is the philosophy that Dr Hsiao tries to impart on his dental students at the University.

Some dentists don’t ask me as many questions as those at Paladin Dental Clinic

So not only does Dr Hsiao’s regime address the management and maintenance of dental and oral health but it also takes into account the individuals desires, aesthetics, affordability, welfare and well being.

So if you find him asking you a lot of questions that other dentists don’t, it may well be that your answers are likely to be incorporated into a customised and deeply thought out patient care management plan.  

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