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Clear Aligners: Why They Are Better Than Other Ways To Straighten Your Teeth

Lately, more and more people have been turning to clear aligners to straighten their teeth. You may be wondering if they are better than other ways to straighten your teeth. There are a few advantages to these clear aligners, if your case could be considered mild to moderate.  In such instances it may be worth looking into clear aligners to help achieve that winning smile.

1. What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are a type of orthodontic device that straightens teeth by gently moving them into a desired position. If you’re looking for a way to straighten crooked teeth without surgery or braces, clear aligners are a great option. They are also a lot less expensive than braces. Clear aligners can be applied to mild and moderate cases to address crooked teeth, closing gaps and/or correcting underbites without the hassle of wearing braces.  Our expert team at Paladin Dental are more than happy to discuss your options and create a suitable treatment plan for you.

2. What are the advantages of clear aligners?

Clear aligners can be more desirable than other types of aligners because they are clear, often more comfortable than other types of aligners and are less likely to cause tooth sensitivity.  Clear aligners are also easier to take care of than other types of aligners. They are more affordable than other types of aligners, more hygienic and don’t have the risk of cuts from metal wires and brackets.

3. Why are clear aligners better than other treatments?

They are the most effective and safest way to straighten your teeth. They are also the fastest way to straighten your teeth.  They are also,

  • less expensive than other options.
  • a better option for people who have a hard time wearing braces.
  • less invasive than other treatments.
  • easier to take care of.
  • easier to clean.
  • more comfortable than other treatments, such as braces.
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4. Conclusion

If you wish to straighten out crooked teeth, have gaps between your teeth or experiencing underbite then you may want to try out clear aligners. They are an effective treatment method of straightening your teeth and are also easier to use and live with.  To find out more, book a consultation with our team at Paladin Dental and we’ll help you get an even more attractive and everlasting smile.  

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