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Tooth Brush Abrasion

One of the most common complaints at Paladin dental clinic, is sensitivity.

Most of the time, it is just some minor gum recession or abrasion.  Occasionally, we come across these cases of severe toothwear.  In this instance, the chief complaint is extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.  This can typically lead to aversion to eating ice cream, having cold beer and drinking hot soup because of the pain. 😵‍💫

With this severity of toothwear the nerve of the tooth is nearly exposed to the oral environment and even slight temperature variations can easily irritate the nerve and cause pain. 

Leaving these types of problems untreated can result in the nerve of the affected tooth/teeth dying due to prolonged irritation or bacterial invasion.  This may also lead to tooth abscess which very often requires extensive treatment such as Root Canal Therapy 😱 or tooth loss. 😰

Don’t compromise your enjoyment and oral health if you find yourself confronted with tooth sensitivity.  Get an expert to check it out and avoid any further consequences which may be lying in wait.







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