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The 5 biggest oral care misconceptions for over 45’s

Misconception #1  “If there is no pain, there is no problem”

Many people believe that when they are not experiencing discomfort or pain in their mouth, everything is rosy and good.  However, that is far from the truth.  In reality, a tooth is a bit similar to a pumpkin, it has a really hard shell on the outside (enamel), the soft meaty inside (dentine) and the seedy centre (pulp/nerve).  To experience discomfort the extent of damage  would be breakage or decay rotting through almost half way past the dentine.  So when there is no pain, this does not mean there is no problem.  We have a saying in the dental industry, “when you feel pain, problem is much bigger than you think.”  So don’t wait until you experiencing discomfort before you seek professional advice.  Attending a dentist for regular checkup allows the dentist to identify small problems and mend them while the problem is small.  Hopefully avoiding more extensive procedures in the future and therefore making your long term dental plans more affordable. 

Affordable dentistry starts with a preventive dental program
Misconception #2.  “It’s ok to extract a molar tooth if it is bad, because you cannot see it.”

People often say “its just a back tooth, pull it out as no one will see it.”  What most people don’t realise is that front teeth and back teeth perform different functions.  Front teeth are shaped like knives, and canines are like picks, so that they can tear and rip apart food.  Back teeth are like mortar and pestles, so they can mash up and grind down food to small bits for an easy digestion.  But without the back teeth, most people develop compensating habits of using the front teeth to mash food, and it causes much more rapid deterioration and wear on the front teeth.  So removal of a back molar teeth will eventually impact the look of the front teeth, and causing over-closing of the mouth (more wrinkles).  This will result in both poor function and poor aesthetics.  Definitely is not a great idea for the good smile.  So just because it doesn’t show does not mean that it won’t have impacts on your smile or overall dental health.

The team at Paladin will provide you with aesthetic dentistry that includes holistic care
Misconception #3  “Regular dental check ups are just a way dentists to con you into paying them big bucks.”

Unfortunately when it comes to dental care it is not uncommon to think that if there is no pain, there is no problem.  Often when visiting a dentist for a checkup and clean, there are issues discovered that require fixing.  Early detection of problem is much simpler and easier fix.  The best dental care is prevention.  The key is to stop the small problem from becoming a major issue.  Tooth structures are precious, the weaker their structural integrity, the weaker the tooth becomes, no matter how well we restore it.  The original item whether it be the tooth or part of a tooth is always better than an artificial replacement. In the mouth, a lot of issues are time related.  For example, a worn down tooth may not need to be addressed if it stays the same for several years as the damage may have occurred a long time ago and it is no longer a current issue, but a tooth that is significantly worn in the last 12-24 months indicates a much more serious issue.  Many of us may not realise that one problem can lead to a whole raft of issues as our teeth a part of complex structure and system that can have impacts on other functions and parts of the system that might lead to adverse affects on grind, bite, jaws and /or chew.  So have a regular checkup and review your dental health with a trustworthy dentist.  Don’t underestimate cornerstone benefits of regular checkups as they can help reduce the cost in the long term by fixing small and simple issues earlier or identify potentially damaging lifestyle habits to reduce adverse impacts.  

At Paladin Dental we will develop a dental program that suits your lifestyle
Misconception #4. “A hard tooth brush is better as it cleans better.”

Lots people like to use a hard tooth brush, however, the teeth and gums are delicate structures.  Brushing with a hard brush is like caring for and scrubbing your skin with steelwool.  It causes a lot of wear and tear to the tissues that won’t grow back.  So even though using the hard brush can clean the surface of the teeth well, too much of a good thing is often not that great.  The worn away gums can cause significant amount of sensitivity to hot /cold as the protective cover of the gum tissue gets compromised.  Wearing away the precious tooth structure will result in weakening of teeth.  So best idea is to use a soft toothbrush and clean with a gentle force for your daily routine.  Once every 4-6 months you to see your dental professional to have a professional clean and maintenance.

Avoid the need for urgent dental care by establishing a simple and easy to apply supercare dental and cosmetic routine developed for you by the team at Paladin Dental
Misconception #5  “It’s too late to fix your teeth / smile because you are too old”

It is important to fix your teeth no matter how old you are.  As the modern medicine develops, people’s life expectancies are increasing.  Study shows that people who are in their 50s that are fit and healthy are likely to live beyond 100-years-old.  Your teeth are now need to last 20-30 years longer.  It will be much more difficult for someone in their 80s and beyond to cope with treatment or adapt readily to new methods of eating/chewing.  It is much better to get treatment done in your 60s and 70s to make sure your teeth last the latter part of one’s life journey.  Think about it, when you get to your 80s, it’s the simple pleasure of life that matters the most, being able to enjoy your favourite food, smile and laugh with the grand kids.  Able to eat good nutritious food is the best way to guarantee a healthy life, and having a good set of functional teeth is a vital aspect to the ability to eat and chew.  So don’t short change yourself and let us help you enhance and boost your quality of life in your twilight years. 

You may not continue to work into your 90’s like Queen Elizabeth, but with the correct dental routines and care you too can have poise and a gleaming smile!  

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